Ticket Retrieval Fail

Unable to find or resend your ticket?

  • Mistyped Email: Please enter the email address you used to make your purchase. Make sure to enter it correctly. Type carefully. For security reasons, you will only be allowed to retrieve your ticket within a 15-minute time frame. Click here to go back.

  • Try Different Email: Enter the email address you used to make your purchase. If you are unsure which email you used, try entering any other email address you usually use for purchases. Click here to go back.

  • Multiple Attempts: If you have tried to retrieve your tickets multiple times within the last 15 minutes, please wait a few more minutes before trying again.

  • Mistyped Email During Purchase: If you have attempted to use different personal email addresses and typed them correctly, but the system still cannot locate your record, please write to [email protected] for assistance with your full name and complete billing address. The information provided must match our purchase records. Kindly allow us up to a day for completing the processing.

Tickets are non-refundable.

Have more questions? Contact us at [email protected]